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A Jesus for Jews and Christians

196 pages, Authorized translation by Dr. René Lehmann 2020 – ISBN 9783907119-13-6

Insights of a Jewish migrant


The present book “A Jesus for Jews and Christians” fascinates, breathes personal consternation, founded in inner confrontations with the questions of Jewish and Christian faith. From the whole breadth of his Jewish-biblical including the Christian world, the studied rabbi deals with his Jesus.

With his book, Baruch Rabinowitz – as a Jewish theologian – attempts the almost impossible step of siding with Jesus (Rabbi Yeshua from Nazareth) and defending his teachings. From his teachings he hopes that millennia-old, deep wounds could be healed: Judaism would regain the greatest and most famous rabbi in history, and his teachings would help revitalize Judaism. Christians, in turn, could once again encounter Jesus the Jew anew, as an inseparable part of his people, of Judaism, and of his country.

May this lead to real understanding and reconciliation!


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